Suzanne H.

A friend went to Mindzai to help him quit chewing tobacco. It worked for him on the first try as well so hypnotherapy seemed like a great thing to try out. My original issue that I went for was to quit smoking. The first session went so well that I was able to use my other 2 sessions in the package to focus on exercise.

I have gone over a month now without a cigarette. I have been in many situations that would typically trigger my desire for one however I have no interest any more. I honestly don’t even remember why I enjoyed smoking so much… seems silly now when I see others doing it.

I admit that it was a bit different than I expected. Everything that happens during the session makes you feel like you have complete control. It’s not scary or intimidating. Just an extra person to talk things through with and remind you how to motivate and be proud of yourself.

At this point I feel that my success has proven the power of this process, and I would feel comfortable referring this service to others.
Mindzai Hypnotherapy