I know there is power in the subconscious, tap that power that the “weak” Laurel couldn’t. Jason has a childlike attitude to keep these heavy things from taking away from the wonder of the free mind. I’ve smoked a lot less and found it to be a good experience.
Laurel A.,
I came to Mindzai for help with an annoying phobia. I thought I’d try out different modalities, but I met you and don’t need to try anything else.

Hypnosis has been pretty successful, and has helped me be better able to be in my surroundings and handle daily life. Overall I’m feeling happier and better than before I started.
Amanda M.,
I came to Mindzai to stop smoking. I could not succeed cold turkey and needed to deal with feelings/cravings.

Hypnosis has been very successful for me and helped me become a nonsmoker. I was skeptical at first but am proof that it is well worth it.

I also learned a lot about myself. I was shown tricks to stop the cravings. Became excited to experience the next chapter of life. Now I feel much healthier, and I can use things I have learned in other parts of life.
Jim S.,
I can't sing enough praises to Jason for finally helping me to kick my smoking habit. I can remember the exact session when something “clicked” and I put smoking behind me forever. I've never felt better and I would yell from rooftops for people to go see him and get the horrible monkey off your back!
April M.,
I came for help with my marriage and relationship with my wife. Hypnotherapy has helped me greatly with focusing on what’s important and communicating with my wife.

Hypnosis has been very successful for me, and enhanced my relationship in many ways. I’m more comfortable talking with Jason about issues and anxieties and have acted to move forward.
Mindzai Hypnotherapy